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Database Search Tips: Scientific Research

Scientific Research

This is a guide to assist with scientific research and includes recommended databases, eBook resources and websites. Scientific research can include, but is not limited to, topics in biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, the environment, nursing, veterinary medicine/nursing/technology, dental hygiene, technology, computer science, pharmaceuticals, bioethics/medical ethics, engineering, sociology and psychology. Many of these resources will require an active CCC Library barcode number to access from off-campus.

Remember, if you are off-campus you will need an active CCC library barcode number to access most of these resources (see link on this page for the Library Card Application).


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Where to find topic ideas?

The library has some resources that may help you find a topic...

  • ScienceDirect - topics by scientific field
  • PLOS One - browse by subject area, subtopic and main points
    • on PLOS One's website, select browse
    • then click on subject area your are interested in
    • choose a subtopic then select a main point





Salem Press eBook collection includes eBooks on topics such as...

Principles of Computer-Aided Design

Principles of Microbiology

Principles of Sports Medicine & Exercise Science

Careers in Artificial Intelligence

Careers in Biology

Careers in Cybersecurity

Careers in Engineering

Careers in Forensic Science

Careers in Gaming

Careers in Nursing

Careers Working with Animals

Careers in Psychology & Behavior Health

Principles of Sociology: Group Relationships and Behavior

Principles of Sociology: Personal Relationships and Behavior

Principles of Sociology: Societal Issues and Behavior

Digital Literacy: Skills and Strategies

Integrative, Alternative and Complimentary Medicine