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New at the Library: New Books by Subject

Art, Language & Literature
Art of Mixing: A Visual Guide to Recording, Engineering, and Production David Gibson ML3790 .G538 2019
Mixing Secrets for the Small Studio Mike Senior ML3790 .S43 2019
Music Business Handbook and Career Guide David Baskerville ML3795 .B33 2020
Complete Spanish All-in-One Gilda Nissenberg, ed. PC4129 .E5 C6566 2018
Advanced English Grammar for ESL Learners Mark Lester PE1112 .L44 2017
Complete English All-in-One for ESL Learners Ed Swick PE1128 .C66 2019
Basic English Julie Lachance PE1128 .L335 2019
English Vocabulary for Beginning ESL Learners Jean Yates PE1128 .Y35 2022
Short-Form Creative Writing: A Writer's Guide and Anthology H.K. Hummel PN3373 .H76 2019
The World of Myth: An Anthology David Adams Leeming REF BL312 .L444 2019
The Norton Anthology of Short Fiction Richard Bausch REF PN6120.2 .N59 2015
The Arden Shakespeare Third Series Complete Works Richard Proudfoot, ed. REF PR2755 .T466 2021
The Future of the Office : Work from Home, Remote Work, and the Hard Choices We All Face Peter Cappelli HD2336.3 .C36 2021
International Trade: What Everyone Needs to Know Anne Krueger HF1379 .K778 2020
Amazon Unbound Brad Stone HF5548.32 .S76 2021
Stocks and Bonds Todd A. Knoop HG4661 .K66 2020
Careers & Job Searching
Careers in the Automotive Industry Grey House Publishing HD9710 .U52 C24 2022 (Print + eBook)
The Big Book of Job-Hunting Hacks: How to Build a Résumé, Conquer the Interview, and Land Your Dream Job Brenda Bernstein HF5382.7 .B47 2020
The Job Closer: Time-Saving Techniques for Acing Resumes, Interviews, Negotiations, and More Steve Dalton HF5382.7 .D358 2021
Careers in Forensic Sciences Grey House Publishing HV8073 .C37 2021 (Print + eBook)
Careers in Writing & Editing Grey House Publishing PN151 .C37 2020 (Print + eBook)
Careers in Artificial Intelligence Grey House Publishing QA76.25 .C27337 2022 (Print + eBook)
Careers in Biology                                                    Grey House Publishing QH314 .C368 2022 (Print + eBook)
Careers in Engineering Grey House Publishing TA157 .C37 2022 (Print + eBook)
Dental Assisting & Dental Hygiene
Textbook of Head & Neck Anatomy James Hiatt QM535 .H53 2020
An Illustrated Guide to Oral Histology Imran Farooq, ed. QP146 .I45 2021
A Review on Dental Materials Hamid Reza Rezaie R857 .M3 R49 2020
Dental Terminology Calista Kindle RK28 .D64 2022
Medical Emergencies Guide for Dental Auxiliaries Melissa Damatta RK51.5 D36 2022
A Practical Approach to Special Care in Dentistry Pedro Diz Dios, ed. RK55 .H28 P73 2022
Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry Bethany Rushworth RK56 .M58 2020
Dental Office Administration Geraldine Irlbacher-Girtel RK58 .G578 2020
Jones & Bartlett Learning's Comprehensive Dental Assisting Jones & Bartlett Learning RK60.5 L58 2020
Wilkins' Clinical Practice of the Dental Hygienist Linda Boyd RK60.5 .W5 2021
Basic Guide to Oral Health Education and Promotion Simon Felton RK60.8 .F45 2021
Handbook of Clinical Techniques in Pediatric Dentistry Jane Soxman, ed. RK63 .H36 2022
Nutrition for Dental Health Rebecca Sroda RK281 .S67 2018
General and Oral Pathology for the Dental Hygienist Leslie DeLong RK307 .D43 2019
The Principles of Endodontics Shannon Patel RK351 .P75 2020
Periodontology Richard Palmer RK361 .P26 2021
Modern Operative Dentistry Carlos Rocha Gomes Torres, ed. RK501 .M634 2020
The ADA Practical Guide to Dental Implants Luigi Massa RK667 .I45 2021
The Dentist's Drug and Prescription Guide Mea Weinberg RK701 .W44 2020
Imaging Techniques in Dental Radiology Ingrid Rozylo-Kalinowska eBook
Infection Control in Primary Dental Care Martin R. Fulford eBook
Environmental Issues
The Climate Change Debate David E. Newton QC903 .N495 2020
Waste Management David E. Newton HD9975 .A2 N49 2020
Food Culture & Nutrition
Food Cultures of Japan: Recipes, Customs, and Issues Jeanne Jacob eBook
Food Cultures of Mexico: Recipes, Customs, and Issues Rafael Hernandez-Rodriguez eBook
The Ghana Reader: History, Culture, Politics Kwasi Konadu DT510 .G47 2016
Lies My Teacher Told Me: Everything your American History Textbook Got Wrong James Loewen E175.85 .L64 2018
Rosa Parks: A Life in American History Darryl Mace F334 .M753 P385537 2021
The Aztecs: Lost Civilizations Frances Berdan F1219.73 B47 2021
Hoops: A Cultural History of Basketball in America Thomas Aiello GV885.7 .A54 2022
Getting High: Marijuana in World History John Charles Chasteen HV5822 .M3 C43 2022
Facts About the Presidents Michael O'Neal, ed. REF E176.1 .F33 2022 (Print + eBook)
Nursing, Medicine & Healthcare
Principles of Microbiology Michael Buratovich QR41.2 .P75 2022 (Print + eBook)
Medical Microbiology and Infection at a Glance Stephen Gillespie QR46 .G47 2022
Gut Feelings: The Microbiome and Our Health Alessio Fasano QR171 .G29 F37 2021
The Immune System Peter Parham QR181 .P335 2021
Fundamentals of Applied Pathophysiology: An Essential Guide for Nursing and Healthcare Students Ian Peate, ed. RB113 .F86 2021
Pathology at a Glance Caroline Finlayson RB118 .F56 2022
The Pain Epidemic: A Guide to Issues, Symptoms, Treatments, and Wellness Don Goldenberg RB127 .G653 2020
Pain Medicine at a Glance Beth Hogans RB127 .H4 2022
Breast Cancer Facts, Myths, and Controversies Madelon Finkel RC280 .B8 F557 2021 (Print + eBook)
Sleep Disorders : Elements, History, Treatments, and Research Kathleen Sexton-Radek RC547 .S474 2022
What You Need to Know About Eating Disorders Jessica Bartley RC552 .E18 B373 2020
Women and Girls with Autism Spectrum Disorder Sarah Hendrickx RC553 .A88 H4635 2015
Pretending to be Normal: Living with Asperger's Syndrome Liane Holliday Willey RC553 .A88 W564 2015
Essential Endocrinology and Diabetes Richard Holt RC649 .H65 2021
Principles of Sports Medicine & Exercise Science Michael Buratovich, ed. RC1210 .P7563 2022 (Print + eBook)
Applied Anatomy for Clinical Procedures at a Glance Jane Sturgess RD37 .S78 2020
Clinical Practice Guidelines for Midwifery & Women's Health Nell Tharpe RG940 .T43 2022
ADHD Mark Selikowitz RJ506 .H9 S448 2021 (Print + eBook)
Understanding Medical Cannabis: Critical Issues and Perspectives for Human Service Professionals Joanne Levine RM666 .C266 U53 2021
Essential Procedures for Emergency, Urgent, and Primary Care Settings Theresa Campo RT82.8 .E87 2022
Fast Facts for the Hospice Nurse Patricia Moyle Wright RT87 .T45 W75 2021
Emergency Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! Nicole Heimgartner, ed. RT120 .E4 E44 2019
Critical Care Nursing Made Incredibly Easy! David Woodruff, ed. RT120 .I5 C766 2020
Cancer Sourcebook: Basic Consumer Health Information About Major Forms and Stages of Cancer Kevin Hayes, ed. eBook
Philosophy, Religion & Psychology
Epistemology: The Key Thinkers Stephen Hetherington, ed. BD161 .E655 2019
The Oxford Handbook of Meditation Miguel Farias, ed. BL627 .O94 2021
Shinto: A History Helen Hardacre BL2218 .H37 2017
A Primer on Multiple Intelligences Matthew N. O. Sadiku eBook
Religious Violence Today: Faith and Conflict in Modern World Michael Jerryson, ed. eBook
Social Issues
College Sports Grey House Publishing GV351 .C65 2021
Stand Up and Shout Out: Women's Fight for Equal Pay, Equal Rights & Equal Opportunity in Sports Joan Steidinger GV709 .S744 2020
Income Inequality Grey House Publishing HC79 .I5 I53 2022
U.S. National Debate Topic, 2022-2023: Emerging Technologies & International Security Grey House Publishing HC110 .T4 U8 2022
The Social Media Debate: Unpacking the Social, Psychological, and Cultural Effects of Social Media Devan Rosen, ed. HM742 .S6281 2022
LGBTQ Life in America: Examining the Facts Melissa Michelson HQ73.3 .U6 M53 2022 (Print + eBook)
Foster Care in America: A Reference Handbook Christina Villegas HV875.55 .V55 2022
Domestic Violence and Abuse: A Reference Handbook Laura Finley HV6626 .F565 2020 (Print + eBook)
Shopping While Black: Consumer Racial Profiling in America Shaun Gabbidon HV7936 .R3 G33 2020
Voting Rights Grey House Publishing JF1001 .G74 2022
First Amendment Freedoms: A Reference Handbook Michael LeMay KF4770 .L46 2021
Racial Microagressions Daniel G. Solórzano LC212 S65 2020
Anti-Vaxxers: How to Challenge a Misinformed Movement Jonathan Berman RA638 .B47 2020
Vaccinations Grey House Publishing RA638 .V233 2021
Mental Health Awareness Micah Issitt, ed. RA790.6 .M46 2022
Technological Addictions Petros Levounis, ed. RC569.5 .I54 T43 2022
Prescription Drugs: A Reference Handbook David Newton RM301.12 .N52 2022
Civil Rights and Civil Liberties in America Michael LeMay eBook
Deaf Culture: Exploring Deaf Communities in the United States Irene Leigh eBook
Disability in American Life: An Encyclopedia of Concepts, Policies, and Controversies Tamar Heller eBook
Guns in America: Examining the Facts Donald Campbell eBook
"I Have Nothing to Hide:" And 20 Other Myths About Surveillance and Privacy Heidi Boghosian eBook
Inequality in America: Causes and Consequences Robert Rycroft eBook
Social Media and Society: An Introduction to the Mass Media Landscape Regina Luttrell eBook
Ethics of Artificial Intelligence S. Matthew Liao Q334.7 .E84 2020
C# 9.0 in a Nutshell: The Definitive Reference Joseph Albahari QA76.73 .C154 A48 2021
Introduction to Computational Thinking: Problem Solving, Algorithms, Data Structures, and More Thomas Mailund QA76.73 .P98 M35 2021
Tiny Python Projects Ken Youens-Clark QA76.73 .P98 Y63 2020
How Cybersecurity Really Works: A Hands-On Guide for Total Beginners Sam Grubb QA76.9 .A25 G78 2021
Ethics for Engineers Martin Peterson TA157 .P4285 2020
Principles of Computer-Aided Design Grey House Publishing TA174 .P75 2022
UFOs Grey House Publishing TL789.4 .U468 2022
Veterinary Nursing
Comparative Veterinary Anatomy: A Clinical Approach James Orsini, ed. REF SF761 .O775 2022
Narrative Medicine in Veterinary Practice Karen Fine SF610.5 .F56 2021
Large Animal Medicine for Veterinary Technicians Sue Loly, ed. SF745 .L376 2022
The Veterinary Dental Patient Jerzy Gawor SF867 .V48 2021
Small Animal Dermatology for Technicians and Nurses Kim Horne, ed. SF901 .S63 2019
Anesthesia and Pain Management for Veterinary Nurses and Technicians Tamara Grubb SF914 .G78 2020
Small Animal Surgical Nursing Marianne Tear, ed. SF991 .S6352 2022
Common Diseases of Companion Animals Alleice Summers SF991 .S878 2020
Handbook of Exotic Pet Medicine Marie Kubiak SF997.5 .E95 K83 2021
Statistics for Veterinary and Animal Science Aviva Petrie eBook