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CALL US at 227-7200, ext. 4408

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Blackwood Library Staff

Blackwood Campus Library Service Desk  
(856) 227-7200 ext. 4407  
Isabel Gray Email ext. 4405
Lori Lenox Email ext. 4402
Lorraine Smith Email ext. 4417
Andy Woodworth Email ext. 4233
Library Support Staff
Julia Lin Email ext. 4404
Holly Rotella Email ext. 4418
Tina Roy Email ext. 4407
Librarians (Evenings/Weekends)    
Christy D'Antonio   ext. 4408
Bridget DeSalle   ext. 4408
John Dodds   ext. 4408
Chris Janeczko   ext. 4408
Brice Peterson   ext. 4408
Support Staff (Evenings/Weekends)    
Katie Helf   ext. 4407
Nicholas Randazzo   ext. 4407