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BIO111: Biology I - Information Literacy Assignment

Biology Information Literacy Assignment

Assignment Objectives

– Describe the cycle of scientific literature and the role of science journals and science magazines.

– Distinguish between primary and secondary science articles.

– Find, read and summarize articles which are primary and/or secondary.

To your left are links to find information and online resources that will help you complete the assignment.

You May Approach This Assignment Two Ways:

Take the Browse approach.

  • This approach has you selecting a science journal and browsing an issue (or several) for articles. Make sure selected articles meet your professor's assignment requirements
  • Under the tab Browse Journals you will find more details.

 Take the Research approach. 

  • This approach has you find and read articles on a specific topic such as  "genetically engineered crops," "parasitology," etc.
  • Use the ScienceDirect article database (link shown below) to locate and select articles on a topic.  

Resources to Help You Complete the Assignment!

Video - Hints for Reading Scientific Journal Articles

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