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PSY101: Basic Psychology - Colbert

Guide Author ( OGN )

Assignment Guidelines


The Assignment

  • Each student will select an empirically researched psychology article published in any peer-reviewd psychology journal.
  • Each student will write 4 full pages of text  wherein you thoroughly discuss the subject matter of the article and discuss its contributions to a specific life area.

First 2 pages should consist of: 

  • Topic - What did the research study?
  • Rationale - Why did they choose this area?
  • Hypothesis/ Research Question - What was the stated hypothesis or Research Question
  • Methodology - How did they conduct the study?
  • Findings - What were the results - hypothesis supported? Research question answered?

Last 2 pages should consist of:  

  • Implications - What relevance does the study have for the field of Psychology?
  • Opinions - discuss your thoughts/opinions regarding the study?

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