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Interlibrary Loan Service: Renewals

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Can I Renew?

It is important to understand that these items are on loan to Camden County College from many other libraries throughout the state.

Some libraries are willing to grant renewals, while others will not allow renewals of materials that they have lent to other libraries.

Renewing Your Library Item

If you need a renewal, please contact ILL staff before the item is due.

Items will not be renewed after the due date, and fines will begin accruing at $1 per day after the due date. After $10 has accrued, you will be billed for the item.

To request a renewal, contact ILL staff by email at or by phone at (856) 227-7200, ext 4407.

Obtaining an answer about the renewal may take 1 to 4 days. The lending library needs to provide ILL staff with the decision. We will contact you when the library has responded. The lending library will set the new due date.

Please be aware that not all libraries are willing to grant renewals to extend the due date.

Items may only be renewed once.

Please note: Any books, videos, etc. that you have borrowed are subject to recall by the lending library at any time, even before the due date. If you are contacted, please return the items promptly.