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Job Searching Guide: Career Planning

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Getting Started with Career Planning

There are many resources that can help you identify a career that interests you.

You can use CamCat, the online catalog, to search for books, e-books, and more.

Review a select list of useful Web Resources.

Use Job & Career Accelerator to track and organize your job search.

See also the two subtabs pointing to valuable information available from the U.S. Government:

   U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Job & Career Accelerator

With a current CCC library card, you have access to Job & Career Accelerator, a complete job searching tool that allows you to keep all of your job searching information in one place!

Job & Career Accelerator is provided by the New Jersey State Library and can be found on their JerseyClicks website.

After choosing the database from JerseyClicks, just sign in with your CCC Library card.

After creating your own account, you will be able to:

  • Explore occupations
  • Search for jobs and internships
  • Create and save resumes
  • Create and save a variety of letters
  • Get interview help
  • Take practice tests and work-related tutorials
  • Set up reminders and alerts

A personal dashboard helps you keep track of all of your information.

Search CamCat

Search for books, ebooks, reserves and more in the college catalog CamCat.


Check Out These Books

Here are some books that can be requested through CamCat with an updated library card.

Click on the book title link to enter the library record. (Clicking on the book jacket will only take you to the record in 

Web Resources

Sample E-Book Titles

Look through an e-book about career planning right now!

Note: Click on the book title link to view the free online e-book through the college's ebrary subscription!

You will be asked for your name, library card number, and PIN when accessing the online e-book off-campus

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