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NoodleTools – Create Source Lists for Students

Create and edit your source lists using NoodleTools

Create Your Source List

After naming your Project and selecting your citation style, select Sources from the toolbar at the top of the page to begin creating your source list:

Create Each Citation for Your Source List

FIRST: Choose + Create new Citation in the top left corner of the page (green box):

SECOND: Select from the following options to describe where the source can be found:

THIRD: Choose what type of source it is. For example, choose the following for a journal article (this source was taken from a database):


Completing the Source Form

Complete the form for each source. See the Quick TIps below for useful shortcuts!


Import Source: If your source is a book, locate the ISBN (on the book or in the Library Catalog), the Title, OR the Author. and place it in the area shown in red. The system will then provide selections from which you can choose. After importing the correct selection, the form will automatically complete the form with the information.

Quick Cite: Copy and paste a citation from a database (see area in orange), and NoodleTools will check the citation format and add it to your source list. 

NoodleTools Guidance: Placing your cursor in each box on the form will provide a pop-up box with details about the information needed.

REMEMBER: You will also need to check your citations carefully to ensure that they meet your instructor's requirements. In addition, remember that a tool is making some decisions, and it sometimes needs guidance from humans!

The tutorials listed below provide more information about completing the form.

Sample Source List in NoodleTools -- Just Download and Print in Word or Google Docs