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NoodleTools - Create Source Lists

Create and edit your source lists using NoodleTools

Entering the Bibliography Information

Alphabetizing Entries – NoodleTools will alphabetize your reference entries for you, and then realphabetize them as entries are changed, added, and deleted.

Capitalization – Follow the notes and links on the right side of the NoodleTools forms to provide the correct capitalization and abbreviations.

Enter Citations at Your Convenience – Your list is automatically saved as you create it in your My Projects Folder. You can easily add or delete citations during different sessions. Your My Projects Folder can hold several lists, and each of these lists can be updated at any time.

Parenthetical (In-Text) Reference Assistance – After you create a citation, a link for “Parenthetical Reference” will appear next to the citation. When you click the link, a pop-up window shows you how to create a parenthetical reference for this item.

Punctuation and Formatting – NoodleTools will add the correct punctuation and formatting.

NoodleTools Navigation Tips

Back Button – Do not use the Internet browser’s “Back” button when using NoodleBib. (You may be taken out of your session accidentally.) Use the NoodleTools toolbars to navigate..

Check for Errors Button – The “Check for Errors” selection will not correct for typos. Users will need to proofread their work carefully.

Merging Lists – To merge two or more lists of the same style, click on the Projects link at the top of the page. Check the projects you want to merge, and then click the Merge button at the bottom of the Projects box.

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