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NoodleTools – Create Source Lists for Students

Create and edit your source lists using NoodleTools

First Step: Register for a New Account or Sign in with an Existing Account

Click on the link below and NoodleTools should open in another browser window.

(You can then review these instructions in one window and see NoodleTools in action in another.)

On campus: You will automatically be directed to NoodleTools after you click on the link.

Off campus: You will first need to enter your library card number.

Either sign in to your NoodleTools account OR set one up if you have not done so already — See the directions in the next box.

Creating a Personal ID

If you already have an account: use Sign In (see below). 
If you have not set up an account: you will need to Register first (see second option below).

To Register, you will be asked:
  • your status (student/library patron or teacher/librarian)
  • your expected year of graduation (it does not have to be exact!)
  • to choose a personal ID, password and to fill in information to retrieve your personal ID and password if needed.

Remember to write this information down!

After you click on the Register button, you are ready to get started using NoodleTools!