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MKT 101: Principles of Marketing - Griffith

Guide Author (MM)


The intent of this guide is help you identify some quality resources and provide some direction for your research.  

Use this guide and tabs as a navigation tool for discovering resources that will assist you in developing a market plan for an existing company or product. 

Off-campus access to library ebooks, e-resources and article databases require a CCC library card and PIN.

Assignment 2015

Group Project Requirements

Principles of Marketing – Spring 2015

The Paper

  • Select a topic for the Marketing Plan (must be approved by Professor Griffith)  
    a candy bar, a breakfast cereal, a company (e.g., J C Penneys, Radio Shack) Is a new marketing plan needed? Is there a new target market? Should the product or company be repositioned?
  • What’s involved? – Marketing and business terms, definitions, principles, and concepts found in the textbook and discussed in class should be used.  Also, use your creativity.
  • What should be included? – 
  • I. History – Brief history of the company or product. When? Where? Founders? Products?
  • II. Financials – Stock market figures (3 mo., 12 mo., 5 yrs.) and sales figures.  How is the company doing financially? Any trends?  What external factors are influencing financial success or failure?
  • III. The Marketing Plan includes a SWOT Analysis –You may use the template on p. 31 and HAND OUT.  
  • IV. Company’s Future Direction – How will your Marketing Plan impact the future direction of the company?
  •  V. Conclusion – Do you see success or failure in the future?
  • Submitting the Paper – The paper must be a typed, one font, double-spaced, 8-10 page paper.  A cover sheet, a bibliography, and a list of references must be included. The paper must be stapled. Please use APA format.

The Oral/Power Point Presentation

  • Oral/PowerPoint Presentation (10 min. Limit) – The spokesperson presents an oral presentation to the class.  The presentation is an overview of the group paper.                                                   
  • Be Professional
  • Be Creative


 (Your group could opt to have more than one presenter or multiple presenters based on the scope of your project, the type of presentation, and the size of your group.)

Getting Started

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P.O. Box 200
College Drive
Blackwood, NJ 08012-0200
(856) 227-7200 / Service Desk, x4407