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NoodleTools – For Faculty Use

What is NoodleTools for Faculty?

What is NoodleTools?

NoodleTools is more that just a web-based citation management tool - it is a complete research process system. Instructors can review and assess student research throughout the research process and provide instant online feedback.


Why use NoodleTools? 

What are the Benefits?

  • Allows you and your students to work in MLA, APA or Chicago styles including generating citations in these formats
  • Students learn to research using a tool that requires them to analyze, synthesis and cite their sources properly along with planning, organizing and gathering their research - it is a true model of the research to writing process
  • You can interact and monitor your students' work by having them share their research project with you
  • Allows you to give instructional feedback through all stages of research process - including note cards/note taking and citations
  • Allows real-time collaboration for group work and allows you to monitor the contributions as well as content



1. Bibliography Composer

2. Project Management Software (Dashboard)

  • Collecting Sources
  • Taking Notes
  • Developing an Outline
  • Writing a Paper
  • Creating a Bibliography

3. Project Collaboration Tools



1.  Review of Assignment Sources

2.  Review of Assignment Progress

3.  Receipt of Online Submissions

NoodleTools Overview and Links

  • Get a quick overview of NoodleTools for your students
  • Click on the tabs of this guide to learn how you can use NoodleTools with your students
  • Click on the NoodleTools link to set up your account or log in
  • Get the NoodleTools Companion App