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ENG102: English Comp II - Copeland

Introduction and Assignment Guidelines

Use this guide  as a starting point from which you can begin your research on an artist or art topic.

Choose and research an artist or art topic from the list Professor Copeland gave you.

Write a paper of at least seven pages, using at least six sources (a variety of sources). Your paper may include some biographical information, but you should emphasize the art: description and criticism of the artist's works.

You may choose to focus in detail on one or two works as examples of the general description and scholarly criticism you have presented.

Before You Start

It is very difficult to write about things you have very little knowledge of, especially if you are unfamiliar with the artists on Professor Copeland's list.

A good place to start your research project is with sources that can provide an overview on the artist / art topic.
Here you will find sources that provide:

  • general and background information on an artist or art topic information to help you frame the direction of your research
  • factual and critical information
  • bibliographies – lists that point you to other important sources on the topic
  • terminology a vocabulary that will generate appropriate search terms to use when searching for sources of information.

Use the search box to Oxford Art Online (below) to find an overview on an artist or art topic.  In addition, by clicking on  Lists of Artists you will find reference sources as well as links taking you to general information on the artist.

Video - Sources of Information About Art

This video was created by Otis College of Art and Design in California. It covers good sources to use for college papers & shows the differences among scholarly, academic, professional, popular, and substantive news publications, as well as the benefits and uses for each.

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